Do Natural Cosmetics Brands Ready for the Chinese Mark

Chinese cosmetics market has not yet seen its virtues recognized by the general public. Their shy visibility in front of the luxury cosmetics giants let a gap to exploit, facing Chinese consumers in search of new solutions.

The big issue of Organic Cosmetics

organic cosmetic

The organic cosmetics market in China is faced with many deceptions from local brands. Between the products certified organic without being cold pressurized or mixed with different products and keep claiming their 100% purity, the desired target is not achieved.

  • Green Washing

These fake organic products are of course sell the same expensive price as the originals.
If brands are not making a bid deal of it yet, the risk is still high to see Chinese consumers disgusted by these false certified organic products revealing ineffective and harmful to their skin. At this speed, organic food will no longer be a safe bet and consumers will turn to new types of cosmetics.

Natural Cosmetic is a big Trend among Chinese Female Consumers 

The Strong Competition of Luxury Cosmetics Market !

luxury cosmetics

The image of natural cosmetics is associated with nature and simplicity. If this image makes the European dream, this is not the case of the Chinese middle class.

Western Cosmetics in China

Some Chinese consumers influenced by a Western country or suffering from real skin problems will turn to alternative solutions, but for the majority, mud and plants do not sound dreaming at all.
The Chinese middle class has seen its purchasing power increase in a short time and access to the high-end. The Chinese are looking for luxury products that shine, gold lacquered cosmetics, logo of a renowned brand. The effectiveness of those products is less important than the fact of using a Chanel face cream, to be able to say that one buys its cosmetics at Chanel. If you want to invest a lot of money in cosmetics, you have to get in return the social prestige of the brand.

  • There is a long way to go for natural cosmetics wanting to rank as a competitor of luxury cosmetics. Organic and natural is expensive too, you really have to prove his stuff and more.
  • The image of nature is absolutely not selling in terms of cosmetics. Nature is associated with the countryside, by extension with poverty and the underdeveloped provinces. Cosmetics in China all use an image of advanced technology and immaculate cleanliness.

The advantage of natural cosmetics on major brands

pollution skin

Why is there a chance to conquer the Chinese market anyway?

The answer is very simple:

  • Air pollution creates skin problems. 
  • water the tap water of large cities is certainly treated, but it makes a hard water that dries the skin.
  • Chinese city dwellers drink this boiled water rather than buying more expensive mineral bottles.

However, boiling water does not remove the heavy metal residues contained in it, which leads to allergic tendencies expressing like redness skin and spot.

Luxury Segment

Luxury cosmetics have a corrective action of complexion but will rarely treat the problem at its source. This is the great strength of natural cosmetics: proving that by maintaining its skin with less aggressive products relieves the skin and produces a long-term relief, which makes five foundation layers unnecessary to hide its imperfections.

How to counter the skin bleaching culture ?


Chinese – men and women together – want to have white skin. How to sell natural cosmetics that do not contain whiteners if the public is not interested for free-whitening products ?

  1. Certainly, the traditional beauty conceived by the Chinese was a flawless white skin, which even made moles unacceptable. But if white skin is a criterion of beauty still very present in China, it is now a consequence of the media, which largely favor Caucasian models. This discrimination complex many Chinese women having a tanned skin.
  2. Chinese people have a very varied complexion from one region to another, provinces further south will face a greater temptation to use skin whitening cosmetics. Natural cosmetics bring a refreshing message by advocating above all the hunt for imperfections without attacking the epidermis, and without fighting against its nature.

How to Market my Natural Cosmetics in China?

market natural products China

Natural cosmetics should therefore base their campaign on the fact that having a very light skin or a tanned skin does not change in any way the beauty of a woman and that there are cosmetics adapted to any type of skin to sublimate each one.

Natural Solutions

There are natural solutions to maintain a uniform complexion and make sunburn disappear quickly. We cannot attack all fronts at the same time … between bleached skin or healthy skin, a choice is to be taken ! And this choice might soon be made for the new generation of Chinese more exposed to Western influences, where tanned skin refer to healthy lifestyle. A good way to start taking care of yourself is by using La Oliva Creams products.


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